More Than Just Bamboo

Our nutritional philosophy is: 

"Eat veggies, fruits, high quality meats, diversify your plate, and enjoy the food you eat"


Our clients have experienced the joys of eating while also being able to achieve their goals.  Nutrition is more than just "energy in vs energy out".   There is a social and emotional component to food and it is important that we acknowledge that.  Rather than demonizing and calling various diets and foods as "bad", we will help you figure out better solutions to your goals.  This allows for much more profound and long term changes.


Our Team


Ashley Mak
CPO- Chief Panda Officer

Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified


Katie Janeczko
Judo Extraordinaire

Masters in Exercise Physiology Class of 2019

Research assistant in clinical weight loss management